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The most complete digital signage solution

A full-service FIDS solution

Optimize data usage and display across your airport with PADS4, a complete digital signage software solution. With Flight Information Display Software solutions, as well as Flight Information Management System (FIMS), PADS4 is everything you need to share, broadcast, and manage FIDS data on all your screens – in the airport and the control room.

PADS4 Digital Signage Platform video

Get in CTRL of Flight Information Display

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Connect 70+ data sources ranging from advertising, social media, news, IPTV and more, with dynamic rules to sort and display information – for example, automatically insert rows for code-shared flights on departure screens – or share real-time data like weather, news, gate changes, and emergency broadcasts with context-driven rules to keep you in control.

A full-service FIDS solution & support

Real-time data management

Scalable from 1-10,000+ screens

Based on 25+ years of industry experience

Key features PADS4

Easy design tools

Create your own FIDS screen layouts with PADS4 designer. With text, images, video, internet pages, and live data, you can do more with displays and make the most of every screen on your network. Plus, with powerful table elements and options, you can quickly develop even the most complex arrival and departure displays.

Unrivaled data connectivity

Link 70+ data sources ranging from FIDS databases to page elements to deliver everything from advertising to flight information to screens in real time. With advanced tools including data scrolling, filtering, and conditional rules, you can share live data from the web, TV, or your FIDS database while remaining in complete control of what’s on screen.

Advanced network management

Optimize your digital signage network with smart tools to reduce bandwidth, prevent downtime, and cut outages. PADS4 uses automatic data compression, local caching, and data management to ensure all your data – from presentations to real-time flight information – is delivered quickly and efficiently across your network.

Beautiful displays at any resolution

Create and share beautiful presentations on any display, with full control of display resolution, layout, and size. PADS4 supports standard, UltraHD, and 4K displays in landscape and portrait, so you can go as big or small as you want, with simple screens to stunning UltraHD video walls. Plus, with touch support, PADS4 Viewer creates beautiful, interactive displays for kiosks, wayfinding, and self-service screens.

Central display management

With tools to monitor network connections, memory usage, and detailed logs, including automation using predefined tasks and automated recovery, PADS4 Agent is everything you need to monitor and manage your network. Connect real-time flight data, share digital advertising and infotainment, and keep your signage running smoothly with simple, centralized control for your entire network.

Seamlessly upscale your network

Seamlessly upscale your network

PADS4 offers simple upscaling to meet your digital display network needs now, and in the future. With network support for 1-10,000 screens, you can scale up and down as needed, without replacing your system or your software. Start small and expand as your digital signage needs grow, with PADS4 Sub Servers to extend the capacity of your system, adding hundreds of screens requires nothing more than installing a sub-server and rerouting your displays.

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