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Real-Time Emergency Broadcasts on Digital Signage

Clear and effective communication

Digital signage is the perfect tool for broadcasting timely and effective evacuation and emergency instructions across your airport. PADS4 FIDS and PADS4 digital signage software make it easy, with a single network to automatically share your emergency messages across all your airport screens, including FIDS displays, advertising displays, wayfinding, and even digital menus in shops and food courts.

With clear and effective instructions, visual display tying into wayfinding and routes to direct traffic to exits, and real-time updates across all signage in your network, digital signage with PADS4 is the ideal airport emergency broadcasting system.

Smart Emergency Evacuation

Every second counts

That’s why PADS4 makes it easy to create and share emergency messages with a simple emergency dashboard. Quickly set up your message, determine what needs to be displayed (and where), and send it to all relevant screens with the push of a button.

PADS4 offers smart data, so you can use 3D mapping and wayfinding – directing traffic around blocked exits and gates or to safe areas of the building in case of a fire. With real-time updates, you can intelligently direct traffic to prevent blocked areas and evacuate passengers more efficiently with arrows and guidelines pointing visitors to the best or nearest exit.

Other High-Priority Broadcast

Update screens as events occur

From last-minute gate changes to Amber Alerts to closed or broken elevators and escalators, sharing high-priority broadcasts is often a must. PADS4 FIDS and PADS4 digital signage software offer real-time broadcasting, so you can update screens as events occur, direct traffic around broken escalators, and share missing persons information with photos.

A Smarter Airport Digital Signage Software Solution

A full suite of tools

PADS4 offers a full suite of tools to design, share, and present your emergency messaging. With smart tools to integrate data ranging from maps and locations to your alarm system, and a full range of design tools, you can quickly create and share emergency messages across all your screens. Plus, with dynamic rules to help you define where and how each message is displayed, you can create a local alert at one area without affecting the rest of the airport.

Emergency messaging

Send the right message at the right time

With an emergency case every second counts. PADS4 digital signage software makes it possible to inform all passengers about the nearest exits, places for fire extinguishers or other important safety information in a few seconds. With just one push on a button, you can share all necessary info around the entire airport.

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