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Airport Infotainment Solutions

Keep visitors entertained

Keep visitors entertained during long wait times with strong infotainment solutions. PADS4 helps you deliver information and entertainment to screens at crucial waiting points, like gates and queuing areas, to help you keep travelers engaged and interested. Infotainment reduces perceived wait times up to 30%, reducing boredom, and increasing customer satisfaction.

With PADS4, it’s easy to connect live data sources ranging from live TV to weather and news to deliver value to customers, no matter how long the wait or the queue.

(Nearly) Unlimited Data Sources

Comprehensive infotainment solutions

Link and incorporate 70+ data sources in real-time to create truly comprehensive infotainment solutions. Link FIDS and public transit information to ensure travelers always know flight schedules and when to board. Update screens with boarding instructions and visa requirements, ensuring no one misses announcements. And, keep viewers entertained with live data ranging from live TV and news to web pages, social media, and RSS.

You control what’s on the screen

Update screens in real-time

Get more personal with simple context-driven rules to help you control what’s on the screen. Allocate specific screens at queue areas and baggage belts to flights and share destination weather reports and news. Update screens in real-time to reflect flight changes, gate changes, and delays. And drive revenue with location advertising using smart tools like QR codes to drive immediate sales or bookings for hotels, taxi, and restaurants at passenger destinations.

Beautiful Video Walls and Screens

Get creative with video walls and screens using PADS4’s beautiful design tools and capabilities. With support for screens in any size, ranging from simple displays to UltraHD video walls, plus a range of beautiful drag and drop design templates, PADS4 puts you in control of presentations. Add interest to security videos by mixing in visual information, tweets, or destination vacation photos. Create fun facts to entertain and inform travelers in security lines. And, use beautiful layouts to display more on video walls.

PADS4 Airport Digital Signage Software

With data integration, a full suite of smart software, and tools like Viewer Variables to help you reuse presentations across different locations such as gates and terminals, PADS4 is everything you need to create stunning presentations across your airport.

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