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One Solution for All Your Airport Passenger Information

Share real-time passenger information

Share real-time passenger information across your airport digital signage network with PADS4, a complete passenger information signage solution. PADS4 makes it easy to connect your data sources to develop interactive, real-time information using context-based rules. Update FIDS screens with gate changes and baggage areas in real-time, offer live train and shuttle schedules to move passengers more efficiently to their destination, connect with local hotels to offer room booking and availability information, or develop interactive kiosks with 3D wayfinding.

PADS4 does it all

Complete signage platform

PADS4 does it all, with simple drag and drop tools, easy design templates, and context-driven rules to help you stay in control. Plus, with full support for advertising, menus, and targeted communication including emergency broadcasts, it’s a full-service solution for all your airport digital signage needs.

A full-service solution

Passenger Information

Passenger Information

Connect your FIDS and PIDS systems to PADS4 to intuitively share relevant information regarding flights, transfers, and instructions.



Update FIDS screens in real-time with inbound/outbound flight information, gates, IATA and ICAO standards with tools to schedule flights a season in advance and beautiful timetable layouts



Connect external data sources to share timetables for train, bus, subway, and shuttle connecting with your airport to help passengers make connections


Pre-allocate check-ins, gates, and baggage belts and push relevant information across to displays as information updates, flight status changes, or to prompt passengers to take action (such as to stand in line, prepare their visa information, etc.). For example, you can provide visa information in key waiting areas, such as the baggage belt to ensure travelers are prepared as they move to the next step of their journey.



Link real-time data ranging from weather and trivia to IPTV and social media to provide infotainment at key waiting areas.

Emergency broadcasts

Emergency broadcasts

Instantly update all screens on your network with emergency broadcasts and alerts, ranging from exit instructions to alerts.
With tools to design, manage, and table data, sharing passenger information on beautiful presentations has never been easier.


Dynamic guidance

Create smart wayfinding to optimize passenger flow through your airport. With interactive touchscreen support, smart tools, and real-time updates, you can define optimal routes, use arrows to guide travelers to their destination or to the nearest exit in case of an emergency, and redirect traffic around congestion or broken escalators. Plus, with real-time data, you can easily update wayfinding to specific flights after gate or building changes.

Control & update signage across from one location

central network management

PADS4 is a full-service solution for airport digital signage, with everything you need to provide comprehensive passenger information across your airport. Best of all, with central network management, you can control and update signage across your airport from one location.

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