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A complete airport digital signage solution

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Create smarter digital signage

A comprehensive digital signage solution

Digital signage adds value across your airport with targeted display communication, digital advertising, wayfinding, and much more. PADS4 is a comprehensive digital signage solution, and the perfect complement to your PADS4 FIDS display software. With data integration for 70+ sources, interactive and touch compatibility, design and network management tools, plus smart solutions for System-on-Chip support, context-driven data sharing, and presentation control with Viewer Variables, it’s everything you need to create dynamic digital displays.

Get in CTRL of flight information display

Do More with Airport Signage

NDS has 25 years in airport and digital signage and we know what works. PADS4 offers everything you need to develop smart signage to guide passengers through your airport, optimize traffic to avoid busy routes or broken escalators, update routes in case of gate changes, and share real-time flight arrival and status at wayfinding and service kiosks across the airport.

Ready to create smarter digital signage?

Use digital advertising to drive revenue to shops with targeted personal communication using Bluetooth and NFC to recognize shoppers and products, advertise sales and discounts across the airport – such as a coffee discount after a flight delay – or create custom scheduled presentations to automatically update menus and ads based on time of day, weather, or other details.

PADS4 integrates your FIDS database as well as all your other information with context-driven rules to create dynamic updates and information. Share real-time weather and traffic, update ads based on weather (If sunny = display ice cream), or share local hotel booking and availability for passenger convenience. PADS4 makes smart signage easy with intuitive tools.

A complete airport digital signage solution

The most complete digital signage solution

Learn how to create a better passenger experience.

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