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Smart, Digital Menu Boards for Airports

Smart and real-time digital menu boards

Create smart, real-time digital menu boards with PADS4. Integrate all your data to display relevant information, food items based on time-of-day or weather, and complementary flight and gate information to help passengers make their flight. PADS4 is a full-service digital signage solution for airports, integrating FIDS as well as dozens of other data sources to help you create truly dynamic menu boards that wow customers and drive sales.

Plus, with a full suite of tools to design, present, and manage content on digital displays, PADS4 keeps you in control of your digital signage network, while offering local updates to restaurant and café owners inside your airport.

Automatic Context-Based Digital Menu Updates

Create context-driven rules to display data based on factors ranging from time of day to the weather. PADS4 can update menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, change menu features based on weather outside (If Sunny = Display Ice Cream), and integrate other external data like flight departures, public transit, and much more.

Infotainment and Dynamic Menus

Smart digital signage takes airport menus further than ever before. Combine menu options with real-time queueing estimates, food preparation videos, or even real-time to being served for each menu item, to help passengers in a hurry make a decision. Or, time to order for customers, alongside infotainment in waiting areas, to reduce stress and perceived wait times.

Touchscreen Digital Menus

Offer self-service kiosks with touchscreen digital menus, so customers can cut queues and help themselves. PADS4 supports a range of touch options, with interactive layouts, beautiful displays, and easy-to-use on-screen functions. Busy customers can quickly order their own food, without queuing to reduce stress and the demand on airport personnel.

A Complete Digital Menu Solution

PADS4 offers everything you need to create and serve beautiful digital menus in real-time. With full support for all your data, including flight schedules through FIDS databases, weather, and more, PADS4 gives you everything you need to create and control dynamic menus.

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