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Complete airport solution for small airports

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Be in control of your airport signage

The flight information management solution for small airports

Around 60 airports worldwide reach 40 million passengers each year, leaving thousands of airports all around the world with far less passengers. Is your airport managing up to 20 flights per day? Are you guiding more or less 1.6 million passengers through your airport on a yearly basis? Showing correct flight information not only creates satisfied passengers, it also leaves time for travelers to spend their time shopping and eating. Our PADS4 FIDS Operator is the cost-effective solution to managing your flight information efficiently, improving passenger experience and driving sales.

For small airports

Make managing your airport data easy

The PADS4 FIDS Operator manages all your flight information from one, web-based platform. You add flights and their destinations, enter corresponding check-in desks, gates, baggage belts, and flight statuses, and schedules are generated automatically. Combined with PADS4, the PADS4 FIDS Operator gives you the opportunity to improve wayfinding and drive sales. Import airport maps for efficient wayfinding, and display advertisements based on time-of-day, or weather to increase revenue in duty-free shops or eateries. With multi-lingual support, all passengers receive always relevant and up-to-date information. Confusing and contradictory flight data or wayfinding is a problem of the past. The PADS4 FIDS Operator take digital signage at your airport to the next level.

The digital signage solution for small airports

Manage your airport data with the PADS4 FIDS Operator


One central location for all flight data

Inform all nationalities with easy-to-use translation tables

Changes are made realtime, keeping passengers up-to-date at all times

PADS4 is scalable, growing with your airport

Adjust look and feel to match your airport’s corporate identity

A cost efficient solution designed for small airports

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