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A complete flight information display solution

Display the right message

Optimize data usage and display across your airport with PADS4, a complete digital signage software solution to manage the passenger flow from curb to gate. With Flight Information Display Software solutions, as well as Flight Information Management System (FIMS), PADS4 is everything you need to share, broadcast, and manage FIDS data on all your screens – in the airport and the control room.

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The number 1 flight information management software

Our Flight Information Management Software imports your FIDS database, giving you direct and easy access to the information you need most. Share operational flight data directly to security and control room screens for optimal management, viewing and monitoring. Or, push info to screens to develop real-time FIDS overviews, check-in allocations, and baggage belt status screens. With full support for IATA and ICAO standards, PADS4 helps you to transform raw FIDS data directly to beautiful displays, with no need for difficult interfaces to reformat data.

Full-service flight information management software

IATA and ICAO standards compliant

Ideal for small-to-medium airports

Seamlessly combines with PADS4 display software

Key features PADS4

Timetable management

Timetable management

Create beautiful scheduled timetables to optimize day-to-day operations. With tools to pre-allocate check-ins, gates, and baggage belts, PADS4 makes timetable management simple.

Operational flights

Operational flights

Manage arrivals/departures in real-time with live updates to FIDS displays to ensure flight status, remarks, and departures/arrivals are always up-to-date, on every screen across your airport.

Resource allocation

Resource allocation

Assign check-ins, gates, and baggage belts to flights, with context-driven rules that automatically update displays with flight numbers, and as gates, departures, and flight status change.

Multilingual support

Keep passengers up to date, no matter their origin language, with full language support for all Unicode standard languages – including English, Arabic, Chinese, and more.

IATA and ICAO Support

IATA and ICAO Support

Integrate your FIDS database with full support for IATA and ICAO standards to ensure full compliance and support, with no need for interfaces to reformat data for display.

Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit

Build custom FIDS applications or interface with external systems including airport operational databases and websites with our SDK.

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