Eindhoven Airport becomes a Silent Airport

Our neighbor and one of our first customers Eindhoven Airport has made the airport more silent with help of our Digital Signage software PADS4. The usual boarding calls with flight information are reduced among the entire airport. Only delays, calamities and persons who are going to miss their flight be announced. All the other (flight) information is displayed on the digital signage screens powered by PADS4 which are located on the essential places at the airport.

Following the trend

Several airports around the world have tested this strategy already to find out whether it is a success and should be adopted at other airports as well. The research resulted in a very positive outcome. Passengers experience more peace and quiet in the departure hall without the usual calls. Next to this there are no negative effects found on the passenger flow. This means that the usual flight calls are no longer needed, as the Flight Information Display Systems are sufficient.

Do you want to make your airport a Silent Airport? Get in contact and we will be glad to help you.