Toulouse Blagnac Airport

Client: Toulouse Blagnac Airport
Project: flight and passenger information, advertisement & wayfinding
Category: FIDS

The introduction of a new terminal at the Airport of Toulouse-Blagnac (ATB) was the perfect opportunity to look for a more contemporary digital signage solution to inform their passengers. PADS4 distributor LCS in France was the best match. With her full service solution from audit, to soft- and hardware choice and support, LCS and Abaques Audiovisuel could deliver the complete digital signage package.

France’s fifth busiest airport

Every year 9,2 million passengers are traveling via ATB to their next destination, with Toulouse-Paris Orly as Europe’s first route having annually 2.3 million passengers. One of main reasons to select PADS4 was PADS4 Crystal CMS, the web-based content management software. Next to the ability from LCS to support through all phases, the simplicity of this digital signage software platform and the ability to meet all the needs of the new terminal were the key factors that appealed to the decision makers of ATB. Airport data change every second. By connecting the rules-driven data the information on the displays stay up-to-date without having impact on the existing workflow.

“The challenge was to find a solution that could meet all the needs of each of the airport’s business teams as well as integrate into the airport’s ultra-secure and closed systems.”

Fréderic André, General Manager of Abaques Audiovisuel

Versatile airport signage solution

The expertise of LCS with PADS4 in the field of airport signage was an important contribution to the implementation of this powerful software solution. Due to the ease of use of PADS4 Crystal CMS for web-based content management and ability to connect with all data sources of the airport, ATB is now able to show real-time information like flight information and safety messages. The additional benefit of PADS4 Crystal CMS having a web-based interface makes management of the multiple displays easy and efficient. Moreover, with the management of rights and properties for changing the content, the airport stays in control of the information showed on the displays.


In the new terminal of ATB you can find PADS4 powering Duty-Free screens, digital banners and video walls. In combination with Userful, developers of artistic display solutions, there are also two impressive video walls created for both flight information and tourist messages. These eye-catching video walls consist of 12 displays and have a curved shape, which fully adapt to the curved wall behind it.

Social Safety Signage

With the Social Safety Signage solutions of PADS4, ATB had the opportunity to adapt their standard safety messages to the new regulations due to the COVID-19 virus. The video walls and all other digital screens contain messages to inform staff and passengers to wash their hands, sneeze in elbows and not to shake hands. All to prevent them from contamination and to keep the airport as safe as possible for everyone.

“PADS4 is a solution which matches with our technical and security requirements. Thanks to all the data connectors, we can open our infrastructure for more flexibility while conserving a top level of security.”

Laurent Verbiguié, Head of IT at Toulouse-Blagnac airport –

Airport wide communication

Abaques Audiovisuel and LCS jointly worked on the implementation of the solution. Thanks to Abaques expertise in the integration of audiovisual solutions, they have identified the combination of the PADS4 Crystal CMS and Userful solutions proposed by LCS as the most suitable. LCS, through its knowledge in its solutions has audited the various business teams to adapt the technologies to the needs of the internal processes of the airport.

In order to support Toulouse-Blagnac airport’s communication teams in the publication of quality content, Abaques audiovisuel supports them in the creation of media while LCS supports them in the recommendation of adapted PADS4 graphic templates. Philippe Bonnargent, Managing director of LCS mentioned the following about PADS4 for this implementation:


“Through PADS4 Crystal CMS, we gave back the communication leadership to the communication department. They are now able to push contents through all the digital media without any supports from the IT department.”

Sharing real-time flight information, tourist messages, practical and safety messages in the form of videos, images and templates, PADS4 makes it possible to share the most up-to-date information for every traveler on the airport.