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Smart Airport Signage

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ANA Group, Aeroportos de Portugal

Client: CGI – ANA Group
Project: Digital signage displays
Category: Advertising, Emergency evacuation, FIDS, Passenger information, Wayfinding

The ANA Group is a solid Portuguese business group responsible for the management of airports in Mainland Portugal (Lisbon, Porto, Faro and the Beja civilian terminal), in the Azores (Ponta Delgada, Horta, Flores and Santa Maria) and Madeira (Madeira and Porto Santo) Autonomous Regions.

The ANA Group’s business portfolio comprises the Aviation and Non-Aviation business areas and includes the provision of Handling, Airport Security and Disable Passenger Assistance (PMR) services.

Ambitious Smart Airport Signage serves 35 million passengers a year

The ANA Group has selected PADS4 as their digital signage solution for a total of ten Portuguese airports, such as Faro, Porto and Lisbon powering over 1.000 screens and video walls.

Airport Partner CGI, a worldwide renowned business and technology service company integrated the PADS4 product seamlessly with their web based AODB (Airport Operational Database) called GO. This combination forms a powerful digital signage solution for airports of any size.

One of the main reasons for the ANA Group to use the PADS4 products is the Smart Airport Signage solution.

This concept matched perfectly with all the requirements set by the ANA group:

  • Re-use of existing hardware, lowering the initial investment
  • Combining Flight Information with advertising, weather and others sorts of information
  • Central control of the system and the possibility to override all presentations at once in case of calamity
  • Being able to manage the system locally giving organizations within the airports the opportunity to manage their own input

Smart Airport Signage by NDS allows airports to facilitate one system hosting all communications towards passengers, employees and airlines. Whether this is FIDS information, advertising, live television, passenger paging information or security information, all information streams are hosted within one system allowing for central administration.

All airports can be managed centrally and locally

This unique solution in Portugal is made possible by using the PADS4 Zone Viewer. The PADS4 Zone Viewer presents itself as a virtual display location within a network as a full screen or portion of a screen.

This virtual location can be managed completely independent from the central network. This way staff personnel of certain departments are responsible only for their part of the information. So operations displays the flights, the commercial department is responsible for the advertising and branding and so on.

For example when at the end of the day the number of flights departing is decreasing, there will be more space available to display advertising. The same goes for the screens in the gate areas. Even Duty Free stores, owned and operated by a third party, are equipped with the same solution.

In case of emergency, way finding, Amber Alert etc. will be presented as high priority at all areas within the airport including Duty Free stores and Car rental companies.


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