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Optimize Passenger Flow

Create smart queueing screens

Connect all your data sources and integrate real-time information to smart queuing screens that guide, inform, and optimize passenger flow. With multi-language support, plus FIDS and PIDS integration, PADS4 makes it easy to create dynamic queues that respond based on real-world factors like arrival times, delays, queue length, and even outside weather.
Offer updates and alerts, telling passengers when to board, where to stand, and what information to have ready to speed up queues. Or, reduce perceived wait time with infotainment like social media, RSS feeds, or live TV. PADS4 helps you guide passengers into queues to reduce late times, optimize line speed, and reduce costs by cutting late arrivals and delays.

Smart Airport Queue Management

real-time updates

PADS4 gives you everything you need to create real-time queue length estimates for smart queue management. Collect information from your counters and service stations or integrate smart sensors to actively measure line length and automatically direct passengers to the shortest line to reduce wait times. Display announcements on-screen to share boarding instructions to travelers who might not be paying attention. And, offer real-time wait-times and estimates for boarding schedules to ensure that passengers can relax and spend more time and money in shops and restaurants around your airport. Flights delayed? PADS4 offers real-time updates, so you can share schedule changes with passengers instantly, follow up with special offers and sales at restaurant shops and restaurants, and drive revenue across the airport.

Infotainment and Advertising

Keep visitors entertained while they wait with smart infotainment, incorporating live TV, social media, weather, news, and much more. With numerous data sources at your disposal, plus context-driven rules to keep you in control of what’s on screen, PADS4 makes it easy to share entertainment with passengers as they wait. Best of all, infotainment reduces perceived wait times up to 30% so passengers feel more at ease, even while standing in line.

Plus, with central management across all your screens, PADS4 makes sharing digital ads for airport shops and restaurants, or third-party businesses, simple. Quickly push ads to digital displays between crucial information, use signage as advertising posters when not in use by flights, or push ads alongside infotainment to maximize screen space and drive revenue.

PADS4 Digital Signage Software for Airport Queue Management

Contributes to a better passenger experience

PADS4 is the perfect software to manage queueing screens across your airport. With everything you need to create a centrally managed digital signage network, integration for all your data sources, real-time FIDS information, and beautiful design tools, you have everything you need to create, distribute, and manage screens across your airport.

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